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Web Optimization

Google Analytics
One of the most important aspects of having a website, is keeping track of how it performs. We utilise Google Analytics to properly monitor your websites performance and make the necessary changes to ensure your website is getting the optimum amount of traffic and engagement from users across web and mobile platforms. Google AdWords We create, implement and maintain Google AdWords for your site or current campaign to make sure your Ad stands out across the Google Search platform and its partner sites.


Here at digitalpop, our aim is simple - to create innovative & interactive brand experiences. Our specialist graphic and digital design team ensure that your brand is carried across your web and social media platforms. Through effective design and content generation we ensure your brand's image and tone of voice are maintained and implemented across all forms of communication. Visit our portfolio page to see some design samples.  


As a digital agency, we aim to please when it comes to web design. We like to push the boundaries of user-experience. We build our websites through user friendly Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Wordpress to ensure your sites usability and ensure we implement a design that reflects your brands tone of voice, as well as being functional to your users' needs.  


Video Video is a fantastic tool to grab attention and bring ideas to life. No other medium has the same ability to captivate, entertain and engage the user in a short amount of time. digitalpop believes that rich media content is an effective tool for strengthening your online presence, and interacting with your online audience. We believe using image and video can effectively build upon existing campaign concepts and strategies.    

Social Media

Connecting  +  Engaging  + Sharing We’re interested in ideas that connect people. Creativity is measured in terms of sociability - interactivity - participation and sharing. It's about using social media to create & build relationships online, allowing your brand to create a direct line to engage and interact with your customer. The best way to reach someone & genuinely connect with them - make the message interesting & make the message relevant.

Digital Advertising

digitalpop specialises in a number of digital advertising techniques that ensure your brand gets noticed on the right pages.   Web Banners: We design and implement graphic web banners including Leaderboard, Skyscrape, and MPU styles. We ensure these banners appear on the correct sites to drive traffic to your website or service.   Social Media Advertising: We utilise advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to ensure your social media page, or website it getting the visibility it needs to garner user traffic. We create and maintain campaigns, specialised to suit your brand and budget.

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